CFD 472 – 90 Days To 5k: Passive Income Real Estate Investing

90 Days To 5k: Passive Income Real Estate Investing

Edna Keep, author of Multiple Ways To Wealth: Creating Your Prosperous Lifestyle and real estate investment teacher, has a deep understanding of what investors want in a deal. As a former financial advisor, Edna helps connect investors with everyday people who want to create true passive income for the long term.

Edna’s team has a portfolio of $60 Million they built in less than ten years on primarily multifamily units and primarily with none of their own money. Her process is proven, which she now teaches through coaching and her Mastermind groups.

Edna lives near Regina, Saskatchewan between Calgary and Winnipeg with her husband Warren and teenage daughters Desiree and Dhani.

Podcast Highlights 

  • Who is Edna Keep?

Edna recalls a teacher that once told her she was very social and if she could only channel that ability, she would inevitably become successful, despite the fact that she was barely passing his class!

Whenever Edna has a challenge, she tends to call her key people and brainstorm with them, she prefers to think on her feet. Her natural curiosity and desire to get to know people is one of her unexpected superpowers.

  • Hope and Regret

It doesn’t matter how old you are, tomorrow is a new day. You can always start being an entrepreneur now.

Edna was 48 when she started in passive income real estate investing and she didn’t intend on becoming a full-time investor. She actually walked away from her mutual fund investment business because she felt that real estate was such a great option.

  • Where did the courage to make the leap come from?

Edna originally had a decent job and made a good amount of money but she was extremely bored. She wanted more and had to do correspondence courses because she didn’t have extra money for school. The common thread in Edna’s experience is constant education and always being willing to try new things plus the desire for more.

Edna always wanted to be financially free and being a financial advisor was the vehicle that initially got her there. Eventually, she was down to working one day a week while doing passive income real estate investing part-time

Edna has a history of taking a chance, but she believes the key is taking a chance on yourself. Don’t try to do everything yourself, the most successful people have coaches that help them work through challenges.

There is a four-step process to success and the final step is teaching what you know to others.

  • What have you learned about mindset?

You are always beating yourself up for what you’re not, but literally, everything in the world is learnable.

School is not as important as an education. We have a great schooling system, but we have a poor education system.

Edna always loved learning as long it was something she was interested in. A lot of people think education is limited to the traditional school, but there are a number of resources online you can access very easily.

You have to get to know yourself to understand what you will be good at. What did you do as a kid that you loved, and is there a way to turn that into a business?

  • Why bother coaching passive income real estate investing?

People were always asking Edna how she had been so successful in such a short period of time, and she realized that it’s all about the steps you take and the systems you set up. She started helping people achieve what she has and it’s one of the most fulfilling things she’s done.

Reference: Multiple Ways To Wealth: Creating Your Prosperous Lifestyle, Edna Keep

  • Edna’s Takeaway

Watch the Masterclass and take some action. Argue for your greatness, not your limitations. The voice in your head can stop you but you can change that voice. If Edna can do it, of course, you can too!