A bestselling author. A seasoned trainer. A captivating speaker. A real estate investor and property manager with two decades of experience. There are many ways you can describe Bryan Chavis, but one comes to mind above all else: a tenacious entrepreneur. Bryan has spent the last two decades building successful real estate ventures.

His bestselling books, Buy It, Rent It, Profit! and The Landlord Entrepreneur, are considered essential guides for investors looking to build lasting wealth through multi-family real estate and property management. While at the helm of his firm Chavis Realty, Bryan also launched The Landlord Property Management Academy (TLPMA), a global leader in consulting, coaching and training for landlords and property managers. Under Bryan’s leadership, TLPMA developed one of the industry’s most recognized property management certifications, which has trained more than 50,000 landlords to date. An active investor and property manager, Bryan has also captivated audiences across the country as an in-demand speaker.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Bryan Chivas?

Bryan’s first dream was to play professional basketball. He picked up a scholarship, left school when he realized it wasn’t for him, and traveled overseas for a few years playing in some of the smaller leagues. Eventually, that petered out and he returned home, where he needed to find work.

He was deeply attracted to being a landlord and living where you worked due to some early exposure to property management. He put together a resume and faxed it to a bunch of different apartment buildings in his area and started landing interviews. Bryan’s experience of working for other people in property management gave him the ability and confidence to strike out on his own and start his real estate business.

  • Getting Started

Starting out by getting a job in the industry is one way, but these days there are a number of affordable outlets you can access online to learn the ropes. A lack of knowledge is not an excuse anymore.

If you’re not succeeding in today’s market there is something more to that story, because it’s definitely not a lack of knowledge. You can quickly listen to someone and find out if they actually know what they are talking about, find the people you want to learn from, verify them, and then dive in. Don’t waste time with fake people.

  • What have your previous health challenges taught you about the real estate industry?

Playing professional sports is kind of like going to war, when you have to join the workforce it can be difficult because sports is all you know.

Technology may be changing rapidly, but the way you evaluate deals will never change. The math and fundamentals are still basically the same.

Real estate is come as you are, if you are willing to educate yourself and accept the risks, you can get started and the opportunity is extremely high.

Your genius isn’t always identified in the school system.

  • What motivates you to speak and teach?

Bryan comes from a family of givers, he sees teaching other people as his ministry. It’s a way to help lift other people up and live a good life. Everyone has an obligation to teach others the things they know.

  • Real Estate Skill Sets

Finance and budgeting are the number one skills you need to succeed in real estate and business in general. None of the cash flow potential is possible without being able to understand the accounting.

Stay up to date with current tax laws and have a strong understanding of what business structure is required to succeed, none of which is taught in school. The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t taught in school either.

Reference: The Landlord Entrepreneur, Bryan Chivas

  • Bryan’s Takeaway

Identify that voice because it is the enemy. There is nothing wrong with the last time you failed, failure is the greatest teacher. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity, shake off that voice or it will ride you to the grave. Next, spend some time alone and figure out what you really want. Develop your spiritual side. Work on yourself and invest in yourself. You are going to make it and you are going to lose it, your character is tested by failures and opportunities. Do not fail in the same area twice.



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