The Science of Getting Rich

CFD 489 – The Science of Getting Rich


David Neagle is the bestselling author of The Millions Within: How to Manifest Exactly What You Want and Have an EPIC Life!. He is one of the architects of the coaching and personal growth industry, and has spoken or worked alongside Bob Proctor, Marianne Morrisey, and Tony Robbins.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is David Neagle?

David was a person that was truly confused about the meaning of life. He came from a place of dysfunction in childhood and sought the answers to his questions from his teachers, parents, and mentors but no one could answer him. He ended up venturing on his own and turned into a curious kid on the wrong path in life.

He could really relate to the idea of “I don’t like what I am doing, but I don’t know what to go do.” At some point, David made the decision to follow the desires of his own heart which put him into a different emotional state, and his results soon changed as well. He wanted to set up his life so that he could do what he loved, with the people he loved.

  • Why do we feel like we need permission?

We are raised to believe that we need permission in order to advance in life. Permission is subconsciously linked to security which is something that is vital to human beings. The proper role of a parent is to turn over the power to make decisions to their children as they grow over time but many dysfunctional families end up with children taking care of the parents instead.

We live in a world of conflicting ideas and information, without a set of core values to guide us through life we begin to look for others to guide us and tell us what we need to do.

  • Questions About Suffering

Are we meant to suffer? David had a near death experience when he was younger that completely changed his perspective on life and brought a sense of urgency to his life.

David was working six days a week and couldn’t earn more than $20,000 a year and felt stuck. He was emotionally and physically exhausted while on the job one day that he had a complete breakdown and asked for direction. He received the answer “change your attitude” and decided to act like he loved what he did, do every job to the best of his ability, and treat everyone with respect from then on. Within 30 days he went from $20,000 a year to $62,000 and realized he was on to something big.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

  • The Science of Getting Rich

For years the book The Science of Getting Rich had been around David but he always thought it was a book about economics, that was until many people told him he had to read it. After reading The Science of Getting Rich in a single afternoon, he realized that it contained the answers he was always looking for.

Once he got clarity, David was able to make positive changes to his life much faster. Lack of clarity is the primary obstacle in people’s lives.

There is so much conflicting information in the world and if the information you discover conflicts with the principles you were raised with, it creates an internal battle. Until that battle is resolved, it’s impossible to get clear on your life.

  • Where did the courage to teach others come from?

David was waking up in the middle of the night for six months. Every night he awoke with the thought that if he wanted to live his dream, he had to leave, but he didn’t understand what it was that he had to leave. He called his mentor Bob Proctor who told David to just quit. He learned that the decision always comes first.

You always get what you need when you need it. You will not replay a pattern in your life that you haven’t experienced before.

To grow you have to acknowledge the desire in your heart. The conflict that comes in for a lot of people is they believe that’s irresponsible. There is a lot of uncertainty in people’s mind about how resilient they are.

When you connect the result to the action and the thought, everything in your life changes. True wealth is the awareness to manifest whatever you need in life.

Reference: The Millions Within: How to Manifest Exactly What You Want and Have an EPIC Life!, David Neagle

  • David’s Takeaway

The first thing is to change the concept of who you think you are. When you hear the voice that tells you about all the things you did wrong in the past, it shapes your concept that you are flawed. Making mistakes is not a flaw, it’s how we learn. Embrace the idea of making mistakes and growing rapidly. Step into your purpose. Make a solid decision to take an action on something which creates momentum and opens the door to the next decision. Opportunity often shows up as misfortune or temporary defeat, when you make the decision to focus on what you want your awareness will expand and then it becomes a process of saying yes to the things that will move you forward.


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