STACEY HANKE'S passion is teaching others how to communicate with influence Monday to Monday®. As a keynote speaker and mentor to C-suite executives, she helps individuals see through the eyes and ears of their audiences. The result is career-changing insights. She previously wrote the #1 Bestseller, Yes You Can! Everything You Need from A to Z to Influence Others to Take Action. Hanke holds a certification as a Speaking Professional for the National Speakers Association, is a member of the C-Suite Network Advisors, and a Member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Recognized as one of the National Speakers Associations “Top 6 Under 40,” Hanke has appeared in the New York Times and SmartMoney, has emceed TedX, and has appeared on the Lifetime Network and WGN Chicago.

Over the last twenty-plus years, Hanke has trained hundreds of thousands of leaders, salespeople, and business professionals across the United States and abroad. The influence skills and techniques she shares build the confidence, credibility, and presence that create lasting results.

Stacey Hanke, Inc., the company she founded in 2004, provides keynotes, training, and coaching for organizations in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, advertising, financial, and insurance. Her clients encompass Fortune 500 companies and household brands such as Coca-Cola, GE, General Mills, FedEx, Kohl's, McDonalds, Nationwide, Leo Burnett, and several branches of the US Armed Services.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Stacey Hanke?

Stacey comes from a humble background and her goal was never to start her own business. Out of college she landed some big jobs and found herself training on a wide variety of topics and she noticed something very important. It doesn’t matter how smart you are if you don’t have the ability to communicate a message that someone understands.

Body language became a major focus of Stacey’s when she started to wonder how we can execute a behavior without really knowing we’re doing it. How can we feel different when we are communicating from the way everyone around us experiences?

The experience your internal and external clients have with you determines the amount of money in your pocket.

Stacey was very fortunate to be part of an association that hired speakers and she really liked how they engaged and impacted people. She was the host for many of these events, and this lead to Stacey honing her skills and becoming sought after as a speaker herself.

  • Where did you get the courage to make it happen?

Stacey had the mentality of not wanting to look back and wonder what might have happened. She also always had her Starbucks back up plan to fall back on.

How long are you going to sit and try to figure it out? Stacey gave herself a year to get her business off the ground, without a date in the calendar every day becomes someday.

If it doesn’t get scheduled it doesn’t get done.

  • How Clients Experience You

We all get to choose the reputation that we want to create for ourselves everyday. Are you prepared? Do you come across that you want to be there? To you believe what you say? Does your body language match what you’re saying?

Most of the time feedback is flawed.

You choose how you show up. Your tone of voice and the words you use need to be a focus no matter how experienced you are if you want to create a reputation you can be proud of.

  • Influence

Everyone defines influence differently, you just have to be clear about your definition. Influence does not mean you can turn it on and turn it off. Influence is consistent every day of the week.

Influence means you have the ability to get people to take action long after the interaction has occurred. Influence is what you are doing everyday with an individual that gets them to see your consistency and trust in you.

How you communicate is a matter of consistency. However a golfer practices Monday to Wednesday, that’s how they play Thursday and Friday. In the corporate world, everyday is game day. Are your words consistent with the way your eyes and body are communicating?

The higher your role in a business is, the more people are watching and observing the way you act. Is your message consistent with your behaviour?

Body language and communication is the baseline, once you have that established your image becomes an additional layer that you can adapt to the situation.

The next time you are caught off guard and surprised, pay attention to your words and your behaviour.

The first step is you have to start to experience yourself through the eyes and ears of your listeners, and the best way to do that is record yourself. The second step is to find someone that can give you constructive feedback and honestly tell you how you come across and what you do or say that makes it difficult for someone to stay with you.

Find someone in a leadership role that you trust and watch how they interact with people.

  • Stacey’s Takeaway

The very first thing is to get the video and audio of yourself and get the experience, you may be pleasantly surprised how you come across. Know that it’s going to be hard work, get comfortable being uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable you are through the process of growing your influence, the quicker your awareness increases. When that naysaying voice pipes up focus, focus, focus on what is going to grow your business and increase your cash flow.



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