Rob Jolles is a sought-after speaker who teaches, entertains, and inspires audiences worldwide. His live programs in and around the world have enabled him to amass a client list of Fortune 500 companies including Toyota, Disney, GE, a dozen universities, and over 50 financial institutions. He is the best-selling author of six books, including his latest release, Why People Don't Believe You…Building Credibility from the Inside Out.

Podcast Highlights 

  • Who is Rob Jolles?

Rob Jolles was raised by a Marine and taught discipline quite early. He stumbled out of the University of Maryland and found himself working for New York Life Insurance. When Rob thinks of superheroes, he sees someone that can take a punch, just like entrepreneurs. Everything in Rob’s life relates to getting knocked down and having the discipline to dust himself off and get back up.

Once Rob graduated the only thing he knew for sure was that he wanted to generate income. For him, life insurance was the fastest way to accomplish that goal. Since he had 36 first cousins in the state of Maryland he had a bit of a safety net to rely on. Rob says that once you get through your relatives and family, that’s when you find out who you are.

One of the easiest ways to end a conversation is to tell people you sell life insurance. The reason people take a step back when you mention selling is because of bad actors that treat selling as a hiring mill. The constant churn of salespeople creates a terrible reputation for sales in general.

  • Why is sales such a difficult subject for people?

Most people are exposed to the lower end of the sales world which creates a negative imprint. Sales is more than sales though, it can also be thought of as influence and persuasion and a way to get an idea into someone’s head that allows them to take an action that’s good for them.

Sales and belief are intrinsically connected. Before we can get others to believe us, we have to believe us. If you believe your product is bad, you’ve got a problem. If you honestly believe your product is good, it’s so much easier to get other people to believe it too.

  • Belief

We have a lot of negative voices in our head that tend to chirp at us and we think they may not add up to much but they have a huge impact. They accumulate and you start believing it.

Take yourself to a moment where you were at your best. How do you think you felt? Train yourself to find that place where you felt powerful. The body doesn’t know when the mind is acting.

People say no to the person you were being at that moment, not because of the words you used.

Rob helps people that have the words but lost the tune. He started applying acting skills to his teaching methods and showing people how to be authentic. Everyone can lose their tune, some have never even heard it. It’s important to deemphasize the words, everyone has a limp.

We have to come to grips with our limp and realize that it’s ok.

  • Learning The Tune

Everyone has their own tune. You will never have someone else’s tune, you have to work with what you got and trust yourself.

We obsess on things that are not in our control. Play the course, not the opponent. When you realize that worrying is a misuse of your imagination and focus on your authentic tune, that’s when you win.

We are born to extract the greatness that is buried inside. Be who you are when you’re not selling.

People don’t fix small problems, they fix big ones. A well trained salesperson is someone that has your best interests at heart and has the passion and the skills to spare you the pain of your big problems. If you’ve ever been to a well trained therapist, you have already experienced what a well trained salesperson is like. They don’t paint the picture for you, they give you the brush and let’s you paint your own picture.

Great salespeople are harder to spot because it looks like a normal conversation.

Realize that product knowledge is overrated. Look to work with people that are able to communicate. Needs based selling doesn’t work. The majority of the population know they have a problem, they just don’t want to do anything about it. You have to go deeper, ask questions, listen, and don’t try to fix the problem. Let the client articulate the problem deeper and spend more time there.

The bigger the problem, the bigger the need and the bigger the need the more urgency the customer is going to feel to fix it.

Reference: Why People Don't Believe You…Building Credibility from the Inside Out, Rob Jolles

  • Rob’s Takeaway

Good speakers and authors are not trying to just inspire and entertain, they should be creating repeatable predictable processes. No matter whose work it is, make sure there is a definable process that you can measure. Don’t be afraid to try and fail, you don’t have to put it all together at once. Drip it together piece by piece and ask more open questions.



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