CFD 073 – Energetic Entrepreneur and “Ironman” Extraordinaire Phil Richards shares his Entrepreneurs Checklist for Success!

It takes a lot of drive and passion to be a noted contender in SEVEN Ironman competitions, but that’s what defines Australia’s Phil Richards, one of the most energetic serial entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. His drive and determination as an entrepreneur started early in life. Phil launched his first successful company at the age of 25. This would be one of nine successful ventures. Among them are names you might recognize: Vision Specialists Optometrists, Healthy Tasty & Fast, Smart Payroll, PetBox, Dreamfunda and MOBIT. Phil says he truly enjoys starting new businesses, but tells us that he couldn’t do it without good teams. (Sound familiar?) Listen as Phil talks about team building, cash flow creation through putting automated systems in place and about how having faith in the future are all necessary ingredients to reach success in any business. Phil also talks about the importance of embracing the newest marketing technologies and how it can boost cash flow. He also shares points from his Entrepreneurs Checklist for Success, which involves determining your product by way of solving your clients/customers’ pain points and the size of your market. What other points are in the checklist? I’m not tellin’ here. Grab a pen and listen in!

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