RC Peck, sits at the intersection of money and human behavior. For over 20 years he's helped people hear what their money is trying to tell them. His struggle with dyslexia, watching his parents' life savings get embezzled, and his background in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), taught him to question the obvious. He now uses his ability to see what others can't see which brings clarity and insight to a world that is often described as confusing and overwhelming. His fearless wealth message is clear. Listen to your money. It's trying to tell you how to get the life you want.  

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is RC Peck?

The first answer that came to RC was a time when he was in 7th grade and taking martial arts. He was able to buy throwing stars for $2 and take them to school and sell them for $8, it was just something made sense for him to do. It just came naturally, he saw the excitement in others and the opportunity became obvious.

RC didn’t know that he was dyslexic until his 30’s, all throughout school RC felt like he was smart but his teachers and test scores told a different story. This lead him to pursuing more creative courses like art, something that came easily to him and that he excelled at. He thinks of his dyslexic journey and sees a lot of people going through the same process, but with their money. There is a form of investment dyslexia that is holding people back.

When RC’s parent’s life savings were embezzled when he was 19, that was when he realized that something was wrong with the investment world. The biggest investment mistake in the world is the belief that “I trust and like fill in the blank!” People trust anyone other than themselves to grow their money.

  • Where does the idea of diversification and fearless wealth come from?

Diversification is an idea from the 50’s, from academia before there were computers as we know them today. The idea of diversification is not inherently wrong, you will still eventually get to where you want to go, but there are probably better options depending on what your goal is.

We are never given the choice to not diversify because it is so common place we never even question the idea. Doing things that go against the mainstream current can be scary, so people rarely look at their assumptions and the common wisdom around investing.

There are only two things that humans can not tolerate, the first thing is not belonging. The second is not knowing the rules. A good parent can be much stricter, as long as they are consistent with their rules. People can even feel “good” about losing half of their investment portfolio value, as long as everybody else is losing too. People with investment dyslexia know there’s a problem, they just don’t have the words to describe it.

  • What are the words that will set us free?

The stock market is an idea that is loaded with negative emotions. When you read a headline that screams “Market Crash!”, your brain is interpreting that as a real, tangible threat. But if you look at an image of a graph of the stock market, you’ll put the whole thing in context and that can shortcut your brain’s fight or flight reaction.

We are not taught to think visually, we are taught to think in words and sentences and the whole time your brain is bringing up associated images that is driving your life. When in doubt, zoom out.

We are under attack, not by animals with claws, but from people who are paid very well that know that if they can make you angry or scared.

Simple and easy are not the same thing. The defense and offense for fearless wealth is simple but not easy. You start with an image because that will rewire your brain. It can prevent your brain from going into panic mode, and can prime you to push toward your goals. To be successful in any area, you have to dissociate yourself from the immediate surroundings.

When you achieve this rewiring you become a bigger difference maker in your community and family. People are unaware of how much of your time and attention that is being sucked away from unnecessary anxiety. Your life is broken down into three parts: your health, wealth, and relationships. If your wealth isn’t taking up as much time and attention, that leaves more for the other areas of your life.

You don’t start nine companies and hope one of them works out. You start one and focus on that. You don’t marry seven people. We don’t diversify in most areas of our lives and that’s what fearless wealth is all about.

  •  RC’s Takeaway

We know that the voice has always been there. It's not going away. Those who are waiting for the voice to be different – for the powers at be to give you some sort of sign before they jump into the training – this is it. If you want to get to the front of the line, jump on a call with RC and discover how thinking visually with your money will change the outcome of your current situation. Once you switch the way you think and engage in proven practices, there's no jump of faith – you will be able to verify the results yourself in not only your bottom line but your way of life, as well.



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