Andres Pira is the CEO of Blue Horizon Developments and Managing Director of Phuket Condos & Homes. He is the author of Homeless to Billionaire: 18 Wealth Attraction Principles for Creating Unlimited Opportunity.

Podcast Highlights

●     Who is Andres Pira?

Andres is a real estate developer based in Thailand and before he achieved everything he has so far he was thinking of things in a very different way. When Andres hit rock bottom in Thailand, he was homeless and sleeping on a beach. The first time he got his hands on a self development book, it changed the way he thought about life and set him on the path to where he is now.

Whatever you want in life, make sure you create it in your mind first. When Andres first read this principle, he went out and did it just to prove that it didn’t work. Lucky for him it actually worked for him and changed his life. He started to get results by practicing the visualization principle and discovered that by self doubt is what prevents you from creating what you want. You can’t have both opposite energies in your mind at the same time.

●     How often have you found that solutions come in a form you are not expecting?

All problems are just opportunities in disguise, you just have to look at them from different angles. Knowledge is much more powerful than money.

We are always waiting for the perfect moment to take action but perfect moments don’t exist. You have to just take imperfect action. Every success that Andres has had has come from his taking action despite being terrified. Most people never try and that’s why they never get any results.

Why become a real estate developer in Thailand?

Andres always wanted to live in a tropical country and make his own way. When his grandfather died, Andres inherited $2000 and took a leap of faith on a one way ticket to Thailand. He didn’t know anyone but he knew that in the worst case scenario he could always go back to his family. That gave him the confidence to go take the risk.

When Andres arrived in Thailand he got a job at a hotel but due to his frivolous mindset he wasted his money and found himself evicted from his apartment. He was too ashamed at that point to go back home and reached out to a friend for money, instead of sending money he sent Andres the book that changed the way he thought of life.

He took massive action and eventually got a job with a Real Estate agency that took a chance on him. He put all his energy into doing his absolute best at the job and got promoted again and again, eventually getting to the point where he had enough money to start his own real estate company and became a real estate developer himself.

Taking leaps of faith and always striving for more is now part of who Andres is. Getting out of your comfort zone is vital. Success doesn’t mean being a millionaire, success is doing the things that make you happy.

Start with small goals so you can build your confidence and courage to accomplish bigger things.

Changes in the Real Estate Industry

Technology is making it easier and easier to reach new people and show properties, in many cases without even meeting the person because of the advent of sophisticated VR.

There are people coming from all over the world to buy properties in Thailand. Andres doesn’t believe that he would be the person he is today without being in Thailand but at the same time he’s always open to possibilities.

Whatever you want to do, you have to study the field if you want to succeed. Read about it and learn about it.

Building a Team

Behind every major success is a team. Andres’ team is the main reason he has achieved everything he has achieved.

Advice to your Younger Self

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have in your head and what you believe will determine what you achieve. Ask yourself what makes you happy, most people don’t really know which is why most people don’t find it.

Reference: Homeless to Billionaire: 18 Wealth Attraction Principles for Creating Unlimited Opportunity, Andres Pira

Andres’ Takeaway

You will have limiting beliefs that will tell you it can’t be done, but you can change those beliefs, it just takes time and action. You have to think, and affirm, and repeat but it won’t happen overnight. You have to take many small steps to get there. If Andres can, so can you.


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