Peter Rex is the Founder of InvestRes and Founder & CEO of MakeRise. InvestRes has purchased 17,000 units throughout Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado, maintains $1.5B+ in assets under management, and has consistently beaten the Preqin Top Quartile in returns. InvestRes is a vertically integrated company, handling acquisitions, property management, construction management and portfolio management in-house. MakeRise is a technology business driven to empower the global workforce and recreate the world’s economy. MakeRise’s initial focus is on recreating the “old economy” industries of real estate and construction, but will eventually empower every person in the global workforce.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Peter Rex?

In developing the plan for MakeRise, Peter had visited over 85 countries and gained a Law degree from Harvard. Before even that, Peter is naturally rebellious, service driven, and self-motivated. Being rebellious didn’t work out very well when Peter was younger, but it served him well as an entrepreneur later in life. Surprisingly, starting a business was a last resort for Peter. It wasn’t part of the plan when Peter was in school but it turned out well.

Peter’s rebellious nature lead him to look at things differently, especially when people around him see things another way. Peter spent a few weeks at a Christian monastery when he was younger and during that time he felt like he was being called to business, it was more of a pull than a push.

  • Technology and MakeRise

Peter used to do a lot of construction work when he was younger, and that gave him a great understanding of the construction industry and how things worked. He leveraged his leadership skills and love of reading and learning to start and grow his business. After a few years in the real estate space, Peter felt like there was a bigger idea on the horizon, which was some sort of entrepreneurship platform.

The obstacles in your life are challenges, you can falter or you can overcome them. Peter’s experience travelling the world taught him a lot about how people operate in different countries. You have to play the game with your talents, when you do that you can’t be beaten.

MakeRise is an international entrepreneurship platform build on the experiences and notes that Peter took while travelling the world. When it comes to owning property, one of the hardest things you can do is find trustworthy contractors that you can rely. Owning property is one thing, turning it into a profitable asset is something completely different.

The real estate industry is very feast or famine, when you need to get something done, that’s usually the time that everyone else needs to get something done too. MakeRise solves this issue by creating a platform for entrepreneurs and property owners to connect with people to get their jobs done. It creates transparency for everybody involved.

MakeRise is the future of work.

  • Peter’s Takeaway

There are going to be negative people around you no matter, tell the pessimistic people to check themselves and draw a line. Those types of people are only going to distance themselves from you. Other people may be telling you that they believe in you but not in your idea, listen to their concerns and figure out ways to overcome those obstacles. You should assess yourself realistically and use your friend’s perspectives for this. Don’t run away from who you are by trying to become better in an area that you’re weak at just hire people who make up for your weaknesses. Find out where your strengths are and structure the game to play to those strengths. Play in an area that you love to do.



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