CFD 045 – Jermaine Griggs of Hear And, demonstrates how to generate leads, grow business, and make more money.

Two Jermaines? Yes! J. Massey and Jermaine Griggs get together for a very special podcast to discuss business, life, entrepreneurial challenges, family and a whole lot more. Mr. Girggs has a lot of interests. He and J. have a lot in common, but you’ll want to hear about the differences, too. Learn about Mr. Griggs plans. If you are music-lover or want to own your own business, this one’s for you. Listen now.

CFD 044 – Richard Moran, Don’t Do Stupid Stuff

In this week’s Cash Flow Diary™ podcast, guest and CEO extraordinaire Richard Moran talks about the life of a busy CEO and questions the difference between being busy and being productive. This highly productive CEO is the founder of Accretive Solutions, a business that employs 700 individuals and offers consulting, staffing and outsourcing primarily in the IT sector. He is also a published author with several acclaimed books under his belt and owns a family winery in Calistoga, Moran Manor. This is a bit of different type of podcast episode. I enjoyed interviewing Richard very much as we discussed all things entrepreneurial!

CFD 043 – Eric Kaufmann Provides More Insight into Leadership – Part 2 of 2

Join J. Massey as he continues his insightful Cash Flow Diary podcast interview with special guest Eric Kaufmann, founder of Sagatica and author of Leadership as a Hero’s Journey: The Four Virtues for Transforming Uncertainty and Anxiety into Results. Tune in to learn more about what being a leader really means and what it takes to be a true “hero.” This thought-provoking interview isn’t like anything you’ve heard before. J. and Eric explore “psycosclerosis,” and if you want to know what that means, you’ll need to give this podcast episode a listen!

CFD 042 [Special Release] – You ARE What You Think About Most! – Part 1 of 2

Cash Flow Diary’s special guest Eric Kaufmann, founder of Sagatica, talks about how we can change our thinking to achieve a lot more out of life. In this first in a two-part series, entrepreneur, author, leadership expert and executive coach Eric Kaufmann discusses his new book, Leadership as a Hero’s Journey: The Four Virtues for Transforming Uncertainty and Anxiety into Results, and what it takes to be a great leader. Do leaders have to be fearless? How do we become courageous anyway?