CFD 020 – Your Questions, My Answers Vol. 2

The momentum continues for Cashflow Diary podcasts. I’ve received a number of canny questions from listeners and members and will answer a select few during this podcast. Tune in, as I reveal the details of a special promotion that can get you insider access to everything I know.

CFD 019 – How to get investors to believe in me and want to invest

Do you believe you have what it takes to get your business off the ground but are lacking access to capital? Have you ever said to yourself, if I just had the money I would finally do real estate? Listen to this episode as J. reveals ways for you to believe, think, and act to secure all the capital you need for all of your deals.

CFD 018 – How to Find Leads Using Little or No Money

Don’t know what to say when standing in front of a prospect? Looking for the words to more effectively promote your product or service? Wish you knew a way to develop deeper relationships with more and more people to expand your influence. Listen to this episode to hear the 4 major techniques J. still uses today to build business nationally and internationally.

CFD 017 – How To Guarantee Your Success

Success is a game that we often play without understanding the rules or even how or why it happens. Listen to this episode as J. gives us some tips from his current MasterMind Group on how they have achieved success in a few short weeks.

CFD 016 – What To Do During Due Diligence

Whether you are on the buyer end of the transaction or the seller end, successfully closing deals are interdependent with your ability to conduct efficient due diligence. Listen now, as J. Massey shares a clever due diligence clause that may aid buyers during the final stages of examining a deal.