CFD 542 – Jason Hull On How Property Management Can Change The World

  • 8 months ago

Jason Hull’s personal mission statement is “to inspire others to love true principles,” which means he is passionate about learning what works in business and life, and sharing what he learns with others. As a world-leading property management growth expert, Jason devotes much of his time to finding unique ways to help property management business owners to grow their companies. He believes that good property

management can change the world, by impacting thousands of families & lives. He is the founder & CEO of DoorGrow, a company whose mission is “to transform property management businesses & their owners.”

Jason leads a contribution-focused community, the #DoorGrowClub, a Facebook group full of property management entrepreneurs that believe in this vision. He also shares his wealth of industry knowledge with others through his podcast, the #DoorGrowShow, by helping thousands of property managers throughout North America to pinpoint powerful ways to take their businesses to the next level.

Podcast Highlights

  •  Who is Jason Hull?

Jason considers himself more of a nerd that has been pushed into the limelight in order to help entrepreneurs. He credits a lot of that to his entrepreneurial mother. In college Jason decided that he wanted to start a band and went around preselling a CD that didn’t exist in order to fund the recording time, he did this despite not really thinking of himself as an entrepreneur.

Later on in life, Jason got married really young and the marriage fell apart. He needed to figure out a way to be able to spend time with his kids and around the same time, his employer got hit hard by the financial crisis and no longer pay him. All this forced him into the entrepreneurial life as a freelance web designer. Jason has an insatiable desire to learn which has served him very well as a business owner.

Now he teaches property managers how to win. Jason helps property managers clean up their branding, marketing, and help them find revenue and growth.

During his youth, Jason always had the entrepreneurial spirit without even really knowing that’s what it was. At the core of people who are entrepreneurial, they know they are unemployable. For Jason, that means that he creates positive uncomfortable change wherever he goes. Entrepreneurs need to allow ourselves to do what we need to do to lower the pressure around us instead of playing everyone else’s game.

Jason’s superpower is his ability to see what other entrepreneurs can’t, combined with his curiosity that pushes him to figure things out. Confidence has always been an issue for Jason, he’s had to deal with imposter syndrome since the beginning, especially since he never considered himself the go-to expert for property managers.

  •     Solving Interesting Problems

Opportunity can be very distracting for entrepreneurs because we tend to see it everywhere. On the positive side, we see that the world can be better. Entrepreneurs have always been the ones that have made people uncomfortable and moved the world forward.

Jason never planned on being a property management coach. In the beginning, he tried to work with multiple types of businesses and resisted it becoming his niche but a lot about the niche really started to appeal to him. Jason found that he loves working with property managers and seems to resonate with the type of entrepreneur that’s found in the industry.

  • Property Management and DoorGrow

Every business exists to solve a problem and for property managers, they face two major challenges. The biggest challenge is awareness. Only about 30% of rental properties in the US are professionally managed and most people don’t really know what property management entails. In many ways, property management in the US is in its infancy.

The other challenge is that property management related issues are the number one source of complaints at most boards of Real Estate. Property management has a negative perception among investors. Even if you get past that, word of mouth takes the rest of the market and that leaves most property managers trying to fight for the remainder. In this case, SEO will not save them.

This lead to Jason asking the question “what would I do if I were to start a property management business?” and that lead to the answer of branding. Branding was costing some companies half the leads they could have been getting. Once Jason plugs the leaks in a client’s business, he looks at what spigot they can turn on to drive leads to the business.

The secret of marketing is they can’t hand you signed contracts, the best the can really do is a cold lead and cold leads need to be nurtured. That’s the hidden killer for most businesses, it can take two to three times as much time to warm up and close a cold lead. Instead of cold leads, Jason teaches his clients to prospect and reach out to the 70% of people who are self-managing.

Most owners don’t know how to find a good property manager. The first question an owner should ask is how many doors the manager has. If the number is less than 50, they are probably struggling.

  • Short Term Rentals

Short term rentals are extremely young in the industry, but there is a trend of property managers getting into the business. They have a lot more turnover and work involved, but they can be very profitable. There is plenty of opportunity for property managers that want to put in the time to understand how short term rentals operate.

  • Jason’s Takeaway

If you have an external voice that is telling you that you can’t do something, you should find another voice. The truest voice we all have is never going to be negative. You need to find someone that can see you for who you are and what you’re capable of and is willing to tell you so.


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