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In 2011 Sue Hoyuela added some windows and a loft to a 10’x12′ “shed” in the backyard of our house and the Cozy Cabin was born. Now it’s fixed up with a multitude of outlets, strong wireless internet, air conditioning, heating, a dining area, business center and room for 5 to sleep comfortably. Amazing but true. She had no idea at the time that anyone would want to stay in it overnight. Her husband had his sights set on it as his next man cave. But then came Airbnb and along with it, a flood of vacationing guests from every corner of the globe. We were shocked and amazed. It became so much fun hosting international guests that we started converting other rooms in our house to themed rooms to help our guests get more out of their vacation experience in Los Angeles.

Airbnb is very flexible. It allows you to rent just about any space imaginable. Sometimes her creativity gets the best of her (to her husband’s dismay) and she rents spaces like the living room couch, or turn the closet under the stairway into the “Harry Potter Cupboard Under the Stairs Room”.

The possibilities are limitless.

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