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How To List Your Short-Term Rental Property On Airbnb To Maximize Your Visibility And Occupancy Rate

CONGRATULATIONS! Starting your first Airbnb is very exciting. I know this new venture can come with a lot of unknowns…

But that’s what we’re here for.

As you’re beginning your STR empire, here is how you are going to list your property on Airbnb

Become An Airbnb Host For Free

Getting your Airbnb business started is completely free of charge.

Once you identify your ideal location – and secure it with very little capital of your own –  you can create your Airbnb Host profile and upload your listing in a matter of minutes.

Of course anyone can do this, but what you will do with your knowledge (courtesy of Cashflow Diary) will make your listing standout amongst the rest in your area.

Go Heavy On Your Marketing In The First 3 Months

As soon as you get your listing up on the app – you’ll want to take advantage of your status as The New Guy.

Timing is everything. Knowing how to market your short term rental is critical.

Airbnb’s algorithm favors new listings. This means you get a short window of time to see good organic traffic filter in, and generate your initial great reviews on your listing.

Getting these positive reviews will beef up your status in the search results moving forward, so make sure that you get yourself in front of potential customers, and don’t fall behind.

Invest In Your Airbnb Property Photography

A picture is worth a thousand bookings.

In today’s visual world, we are most likely to click on whatever looks most appealing.

This is especially true for Airbnb rentals.

Airbnb is a visual design-forward company, so make sure your photos are clean and appealing – just like the app. You want your guests to be able to imagine themselves in their relaxing getaway, having an incredible time.

A few things you should add to your checklist when listing your Airbnb property for the first time are:

  • Install daylight light bulbs. This will make the lighting in your Airbnb bright and clean. This lighting will help capture stand-out photos for your Airbnb listing.
  • Hire a professional photographer. You can’t afford to skip this. Your one-time investment in luxury-style photography of your property will lead to a massive ROI in bookings.
  • Remember – if it’s not in the picture, it doesn’t exist. You want to feature every single amenity that your Airbnb property offers.

Got a Keurig machine? Picture it in the listing. In-unit washer and dryer? Picture it in the listing. Every single bed, every single add-on, every single unique feature… picture it in the listing.

This is just the start of your short-term rental empire… you should be very excited.

To learn more about scaling your Airbnb business and acquiring more properties with very little capital…

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