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CFD 002 – Your Most Important Tool

  • 6 years ago

Who said you can only use money for an escrow deposit??? Money is simply a median of exchange. It is a tool to allow you and I to have access to the services of others. However, money alone is not the most important tool. Don’t stress over money and continue to prevent yourself from taking the first steps of placing offers. Listen now to learn what the most important underutilized tool is and also learn how you can use valuable possessions or assets to act as money to close deals.

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CFD 001 – Intro & Why

Most of us are taught how to earn income one way – go to school, make good grades and secure a stable job to solve our income needs. The traditional avenue may work for some but it does not always work 100% of the time for all. Listen now to learn how you can push yourself to create cash flow outside of the norm.

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