Learn How To Successfully Start An Airbnb™ Business
Without Owning Any Property...

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This new book will show you

  • The best strategies to RENT properties (not purchase)
  • Checklists for success on Airbnb
  • How to automate each property
  • How to be the best host with the best reviews
  • How to get cashflow started, just working part-time.

Are you interested in Short-Term Rentals (STRs)?
In this course (and accompanying materials), you will learn why the STR concept may be worth your time and investment.

In JUST 5 sections, we will cover:

WHAT will you create?
WHEN is the best time to start?
WHO do you need on your team to get your STR Empire built quickly?
HOW do you run your STRs seamlessly?

Here’s What Others Are Saying About


I finally understood the meaning of success after lining up my latest property (my seventh) and knowing I would never have to work for anyone else again. I'd become my own boss and let me tell you, he hosts sweet pool parties on weekends!

Barrett Allen


I used to work 40 hours a week on a job I'd been stuck in for the last ten years. Pay was good, but my eyes flew wide open after picking this up. Carefully applying J's strategies, I was actually making the same money as my job within two months! For less than ten total hours spent a week! I've finallyfound my calling.

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina


Whether it's from a hotel room with the missus, on a camping trip with the little ones or on some bar with the boys, the moolah just keeps on coming from managing these properties. Thanks J!

Middletown, Connecticut

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Cashflow Diary is here to share
all of it with you.

Prior to entering the sharing economy, J. taught real estate strategies based on his years of experience. He owned hundreds of units, raised tens of millions of dollars, and even owned cell phone towers.

He was all but “retired” at the age of 38, when one of his students asked what he knew about

short-term rentals – the answer at the time was, “not very much.” He started looking into the model and was astounded at the opportunities it presented. J. now runs a 34 unit short-term rental business, and they create more profit faster than any other strategy he has seen before.

That means that you too will now have a business that creates more profits to invest into whatever is most important to you—your family, your business, your future, and your community.

The bottom line is that because short-term rental businesses provides a financial safety net, you can take more risks, develop advanced business skills, and do more of what you’re passionate about.

There's no catch here...

Getting my free guide will not be signing you
 up for any "trial" or hidden fees or programs.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to become the master of your cash flow.