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Helpful Tools For Online Business Owners

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Our Recommended Tools

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Hospitable (Formerly SmartBNB)

Charm your guests with white-glove care.

Hospitable automates the day-to-day tasks that should be managed by technology, freeing up hosts to deal with only the issues that need a human touch. We start by automating communication with guests from the first inquiry to the final review while you stay in control. Hosts on Airbnb,, and Vrbo can leverage our machine learning systems to answer their guests’ most frequent questions within a minute.
Hosts can earn bookings and help guests in their sleep. Up to 90% of the communication with guests can be handled directly by Hospitable.
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Enjoy a discounted price of $3,497 on our 12-month membership.

Instantly pre-qualify to discover how much business funding you can get. Use the capital to launch or grow you business without putting up any collateral or paying little to no interest.
Fund&Grow has helped Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Real Estate Investors obtain over $600 Million in Business Credit & Funding over the last 13 years.
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Save time and increase income with dynamic pricing tool and data solutions. The algorithm identifies local events and trends so you don't have to.
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Enjoy 15% off your monthly, yearly, or bi-yearly Lodgify bill, as long as you're a customer.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been in the business a while, Lodgify's vacation rental management software has everything you need to increase your occupancy and income.
Lodgify is an innovative all-in-one solution that simplifies vacation rental marketing. It allows both owners and property managers to create their own mobile-friendly website with a “Book Now” button, manage reservations and calendars efficiently, and instantly synchronize property information with listings on external portals.
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Lifetime satisfaction with a money-back guarantee. Mellanni makes top-quality affordable bedding and accessories for the home. We believe great sleep is priceless, but exceptional bedding shouldn’t be. Leading retailers and our customers stand by Mellanni because we never compromise on quality, comfort, or trust.
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Enjoy monthly discounted rates. Contact our team for more information.

Rentometer is the easy way to compare your rent with other local properties. By analyzing recent rental listings in the surrounding neighborhood, Rentometer can calculate rent prices based on location and apartment size, and provide a market rate estimate — or lets you know if you're paying too much for your rent.
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Hubstaff develops productivity and workforce management software that help remote, mobile, and growing workforces work better together. When your team tracks time with Hubstaff, everyone is more aware of how they're spending each minute of their day. This improves focus and keeps your team on task. 

Cashflow Diary Is Here To Share All Of It With You.

Cashflow Diary is a short-term rental hospitality training company. We show people how to build their own short-term rental business (without needing to buy or own any property) so they can thrive financially.

The bottom line is that because short-term rental businesses provides a financial safety net, you can take more risks, develop advanced business skills, and do more of what you're passionate about.

Cashflow Diary will show you everything you need to know about running your our own business, and we've built a team of fellow short-term rental entrepreneurs from around the world, each with their own expertise – all to give you the blueprint to succeed in this exciting new economy.

Your free training session starts today.


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