Austin Netzley is a former athlete turned engineer, investor, entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of ONE Pursuit Investments as well as the host of the YoPro Wealth blog & podcast. Austin overcame $80,000 of debt and a middle class mindset to find financial freedom early on. At the age of 27, Austin left the corporate world to travel the world and scale his automated stock trading business while also doing what he is most passionate about – helping others take their money and mindset to the next level while scaling their business. He is the author of the bestselling book Make Money, Live Wealthy: 75 Successful Entrepreneurs Share the 10 Simple Steps to True Wealth.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Austin Netzley?

Austin was just an ambitious kid growing up in a small town in Ohio that was just trying to find his way. When he was 18 years old, he made a decision that someday, somehow, he was going to be rich. He thought that becoming the CEO of a major business was going to be his ticket so this lead him to get his Engineering degree and some sales experience. But once Austin dipped into entrepreneurship, it opened his eyes and he hasn’t looked back.

  • Holding On To The Vision

Austin started out interviewing the most successful investors, entrepreneurs, and influencers he could find and learned that the details of their journeys to success were completely different. But the main steps were all the same, specifically making the decision.

When you make the commitment, the ‘how’ isn’t that important. You are committed to figuring it out, whatever that looks like. Your definition of success will change over time and that’s okay.

A lot of people wait until there is a lot of pain before making a change.

If you are still motivated about a decision weeks after you make it, you’re on to something. When you get into motion, you will encounter some roadblocks, how you respond will determine if you’re path is the right one.

The real question is “what do you really want?”

  • Wealth And Success

When Austin was growing up he thought that having money meant being wealthy. Despite earning six figures very early into his career he realized that money is only one piece of the wealth puzzle.

Austin had to look within and realize that what he really wanted was freedom. Freedom from debt and worry. He started his first business on the side and went all in. Financial freedom was way more valuable than the individual dollars in Austin’s bank account.

It’s less about how much you have than it is how you earned it.

  • Scaling A Business 2x in 90 Days

Success breeds success. There is a formula that small businesses that have found success can use to unlock their potential.

Most owners do not have a business, they have a hustle. The bottleneck in the equation is often the entrepreneur themselves.

Scaling a business means you have to let go of the desire to be the center of your business. Once you do that, you can scale rapidly. You are your own problem.

You have to get clear on what you want. Put it down on paper and compare it to the existing structure of the business then figure out what model you would need to achieve that vision.

Most entrepreneurs cannot say with clarity what they really want. The vast majority of the time you spend on your business is actually what is keeping you from getting out of the way.

Most entrepreneurs fail because they make things too complex.

This works across every industry because it’s not about tactics. Scaling a business is about strategic and timeless moves.

  • Austin’s Takeaway

Get out a piece of paper and draw a stick figure picture of yourself, date it. Write down on the left hand side the characteristics and qualities that you represented in the last six months. On the right hand side, write the Future and put down the characteristics you need to embody to achieve your vision. Your going to spend a lot of time in your business, you have to be intentional about what you’re going to get back from that business. You’re never going to outgrow your level of personal development. If seeing that laid out in front of you, you are probably not destined for that vision. Last step is to make sure your environment supports what you are trying achieve.



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