Thanks to you, my Cash Flow Diary podcast has surpassed 500,000 downloads! That’s pretty exciting. I’m thrilled that my message reaches that many people and counting.

There are milestones and then there are really big milestones.

Today I’m here to report one.

Thanks to you, my Cash Flow Diary podcast has surpassed 500,000 downloads!

The Cash Flow Diary podcast has surpassed 500,000 downloads! Click To Tweet

That’s pretty exciting. I’m thrilled that my message reaches that many people and counting. These listeners can use my information to change their lives.

If you’re not yet a listener, you are missing out on some great interviews with really cool entrepreneurs from every walk of life. You’re also missing out on free education, because along with interviews I devote episodes to educate my listeners.

For example, right now I’m four episodes into a special series about the 8 THINGS TO GIVE UP. I’m receiving great feedback. If you haven’t listened yet, it’s a great way to start your year off.


I’ll admit that hosting a popular podcast is fun, but it takes a lot of work, too.

In the beginning I had no idea where the podcast would take me. I just knew I wanted to have one so I could have a way to leave information for my kids on what Dad does and how they can do it, too.

That really is the initial reason for me starting the Cash Flow Diary podcast and creating my educational products.

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Quickly I realized that maybe adults in the world might also want my information and training. That epiphany was the real start of all things Cash Flow Diary!

And, boy, have we grown since I started my podcast three years ago…


You know what happens when you produce a podcast?

Doors open. (Lots and lots of doors.)

At least that’s what happened for me. Big doors opened to new experiences that I never dreamed I would have. And they keep opening. (It’s pretty darned cool.)

You see, that’s the funny thing about marketing. Great things happen when you open your mouth and start sharing information. You educate to dominate.

Great things happen when you open your mouth and share information. Click To Tweet

In business… and I don’t care what type… you cannot get away from marketing. You can’t get away from sales. These things are a part of the process that helps you become successful.

The podcast gives you a platform by which to market your business in a way that isn’t intrusive. You are helping other people by sharing your information and your expertise. If listeners like what they are hearing they’ll keep listening. They’ll tell other people about your cool podcast. Your base grows.

Just as I’ve been teaching in my Digital Marketing Mastermind, building your business requires building your lists of leads.

A podcast happens to be an excellent way to accomplish that feat.

If you’re smart you will have key messaging at the beginning and end of each episode. You will insert messages in the middle when it’s right. You’ll send listeners to your site or a landing page where they can get more information. You can send them to your social media pages.

Podcasting and social media go hand in hand.

I am really proud to tell you that some of my students and Cashflow Core Members are utilizing podcasting and social media to build their businesses.

Here’s a recent post from one such member named Paul. He talks about the power of Twitter in his marketing efforts. If he ties a podcast to what he’s doing, just think where he’ll be a year from now!

Podcasting and social media go hand in hand. Learn why now. Click To Tweet

You can see his enthusiasm. He raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his deals by embracing the use of social media.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.01.22 PM

Stay tuned.

I’ll be talking about the use of social media in your marketing in next week’s article!

Another student, Tyler, is kicking butt as a podcaster. He is building his brand and getting good at sharing his message.

As a real estate investor, Tyler wanted an effective way to communicate his message to a much larger audience. His podcast is the solution.

Of course that’s not all he does.

This smart man took lots of training, created a website, hired someone to do a cool logo for him, is building his brand and shows a fearlessness that I wish more people possessed. He knows he’s going to make mistakes, but he also knows he’ll keep learning and his future is incredibly bright.

(Can you tell I’m really proud of him?)

Here’s one of my new favorite podcasts… Cashflow Guys! Click To Tweet

Tyler has a partner in the podcast and they talk back and forth. I like the way the show is done; Tyler’s a great guy.

In fact, the name of the show is Cashflow Guys!

Here’s a link to Tyler’s site so you can follow the links and give his show a listen…

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.05.59 PM

What I’m saying is that you can host a podcast, too.

If you have something to say… something that can change lives… why not get out there and share your information with the world?

You don’t know where it will lead.

For us, we’re more than 240 episodes in and the podcast is listened to by people in over 50 different countries!

I’ve covered a lot of topics, like how to get involved in real estate investing, why it’s a great choice, how to build a team, how to get over your fears and how to build your business.

Here’s one of my very first episodes.


The episode is about mindset, and it opened my eyes about just how I could use this tool called a podcast to teach others what I have learned.

A podcast is a great tool for marketing. Learn why. Click To Tweet

As you can hear, I’ve gotten a whole lot better as a podcaster over the past couple of years!

But that’s the way with everything. Like I tell my students (and anyone who’ll listen), you can’t look good while learning something new. You’re gonna make mistakes, and that’s okay.

In fact, I talk about this in episode #40.


Again, if you haven’t listened to my podcast or haven’t listened to very many episodes, it’s time you do.

Then think about creating a podcast of your own.

If you’re a real estate investor, you have to find ways to step away from relying on bandit signs (though they can work well) and yellow letters (that don’t work well at all today). Building your brand and spreading your message online is the solution.

Even if you don’t have a logo yet you can start spreading your message.

Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals.

Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals!! Click To Tweet

If you don’t know enough yet to teach others, there’s a solution for that challenge, too. It’s called training. Get some…


In a year’s time you can look back and wonder why the heck you didn’t get started sooner!

At least that’s what happened to me… and that’s before I started my podcast. (I believe it was about four months in as an investor when I was standing in line at the bank about to deposit my first really big check!)

I talk about this in my book, which you can get right now for zero dollars and zero cents. There is literally no reason not to get the book. I hope it inspires you to take your next action steps… and maybe even start a podcast of your own!


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