Every business – regardless of its nature – needs money to begin running. That’s just a fact. 

However, this does not mean that you can’t start a business if you don’t have the initial cash to launch it. In fact, you have every opportunity to begin your business venture. 

You just have to get the money from someone else.

I strongly believe that if you answer these five questions – then you can start a business any time, anywhere.

Why do you want to be in business?

This is the foundation of your new company. This is your WHY. 

Once you establish this answer, then you've got to take this “why” to an investor and get them to buy into it. Craft a compelling pitch which makes them resonate with your same passion and show them how it benefits them to help you begin this business. 

What is it that you want to do?

What is going to be the unique offer that you present to the world? 

You need to identify a gap within the industry that you are aiming to disrupt. What are your competitors missing that you can capitalize on?

Once you fill that gap, you’ll have already established a competitive advantage in the market. 

When are you going to do the thing?

Your timing is everything. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a new business is going to market before your product, service, or team is fully ready. 

It happens all the time, and it’s always a huge mess. 

Take a moment to map out a realistic timeline of your business’s launch, identify the key benchmarks you need to accomplish in each stage, and don’t rush it.  

With whom are you going to do it, and who are the main players you need?

What does your team look like?

Do you have a business manager? Who is going to be driving your sales? How many investors do you need for the initial launch?

Each of these questions needs to have a solid answer before you can proceed in launching your business. 

How is this all going to happen? 

If you can answer questions 1-4 and then cap it with a logical answer to number 5, then you can hopefully capture enough attention from an investor to back your project.

Take a bird’s eye view of your business and map out your action plan. Really hone in on who needs to do what in order to make your AirBnb business a reality. 

Once you answer these five questions – and focus on communicating the “why” with your investor – you will have the ability to build an AirBnb business as large as you can imagine.

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