People are panicking.They’re buying up all the toilet paper. ​It looks like we are headed towards a recession. There’s a lot of fear in the business world and beyond. You need to take the right steps now to ensure your Airbnb business survives. And while I would love to walk each of you step-by-step through the chaos of the

If you want to make money with your vacation rental property, it is essential you have a good vacation rental business model before you make a purchase. A market analysis is the first step in deciding where to buy vacation rental property.Where to buy, what to pay, and what necessary upgrades you’ll have to make

The thing about being in a new industry is that as it grows, there will be changes along the way. Recently, Airbnb made some changes to their fee structure, and if you’re using them to get people to book a stay at one of your properties, then you’re probably wondering exactly how or if your business

New Year’s Day is coming to a close, and you’ve got an entire year in front of you to make your dreams happen. But, before you get started on those, I’ve got a quick little video I want you to watch. Last night, some friends came over, and we found ourselves (as we often do) playing the

If you want an easy way to make money and grow a business, buy property and rent it out. It doesn't matter if you buy a studio apartment somewhere downtown or if you have a sprawling ranch in the country you're willing to rent out. If you have property, people are going to be interested in

Would you like to learn how to earn over $2,500 a day? It may sound too good to be true, but if you understand how short-term rentals work, you can potentially earn that much. If you're still skeptical, we're going to show you how. First, you need to know what short-term rental (STR) means. A

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