Stop trying to do everything yourself. Learn how to hire a team so you can fire yourself–and build your cashflow at the same time.

The short term rental industry continues to grow, especially after the recent pandemic drove people away from hotels to something that felt a bit safer. And if your STR is in the right place or serves the right people, there are a lot of opportunities for profit.But any STR business can be successful, if you

You started a short term rental business because you wanted to help people. You want to provide short term housing to members of the military, families, traveling nurses, business travelers, first responders…whoever your audience happens to be.But one of the big mistakes that so many new STR operators make is taking on too much in

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry FordI’m a big believer in positive thinking. When you think positively, good things happen. Unfortunately, so many of us grow up hearing “you can’t do that,” or “we can’t afford that” and we start to believe it.In fact, it’s become ingrained in our

Where were you in April 2020? If you were like most people in the world, you were probably not traveling, that’s for sure. While the entertainment and food industries suffered from tremendous losses in revenue, the hospitality industry was not far behind. While the housing market continued to skyrocket, what did this mean for short-term

If you look back ten years, who would have thought short term rentals would gain so much popularity? Yes, it was common to find these options in popular touristic areas, beachside, or sold as a time-share through an agency. But now, literally anyone can be a host and any residence can be turned into an

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