I know it may not feel like it while you’re living it, but economic downturns actually serve a really valuable purpose. I’m always saying that an economic crisis is actually an amazing opportunity. How? Because it allows us to enter into a marketplace that might have been too expensive for us otherwise.It creates a crack

When you’re first getting started in the STR world, you’re CEO, Chief Everything Officer. At the very beginning, you are doing literally everything.But you can’t be Chief Everything Officer for long, or you’ll burn out. And you’ll lose money. You want to be the one making all the decisions, not the one executing all the

Everyone’s looking for a shortcut, a way to make more money and fast. In the STR world, there are definitely tips I can share that will help increase the profitability of your rentals, but I’ll warn you that tips and shortcuts can never take the place of hard work. Those things work in tandem.In other

Do you have a daily routine? Do you have a morning routine? Are you living your life on purpose or by default?If you don’t have a routine that you’ve specifically designed to support you in your goals and dreams, then you’re living by default.The time to stop living like that is NOW. It’s time to

Are you still thinking of your STR business as an “airbnb business”?Well, stop that. Right now.You, my friend, are a business owner — and it’s time to start acting like one.First of all, know this: what you’re creating with your STR business is your own unique brand of vacation and short-term rental property. And that

No man is an island. I don’t recommend buying a short term rental on your own without any outside advice or help. There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to deciding whether an STR is a good investment for you or not, and you’ll need several people on your team to help

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