You’re probably wondering how you can raise capital and receive the cash as opposed to paying the cash. We are going to go over the 8 steps that everybody must go through for this to happen. 

After that, I'm going to give you one tool that you can use to go out there and actually begin to build what you need in order to raise the capital that you require for your Airbnb business idea.

Eight Steps To Your Airbnb For Business: “The Path To Becoming”

I think you're on the path to becoming a bigger and better real estate investor. Perhaps just a better entrepreneur in general. 

Maybe you’re becoming a better spouse or a better parent… either way, we're all on a path. 

Now, the cool thing about this is that you only need to have one step to begin your journey. Let’s discuss the first step.

Step One: Desire

Now I'm going to assume that because you're with me right now, you have the desire…

You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't have the desire. 

Step Two: Time

Ask yourself this question:

Over the last thirty days, the last seven days, or maybe even the last hour… What have you done that's going to produce a return on your time?

If you can’t come up with an answer, that's a problem. We've got to begin taking our most valuable resource – time – and using it differently. That way, we can go out there, build our businesses, and make things happen. 

The number one thing you should be doing with your time is building an asset and understanding that asset has many definitions. 

For some of you, you're probably good at writing, and that's great. You might be good at writing, designing, or making videos. Bottom line, all of us have the capacity to build some sort of an asset that we can use in the marketplace. 

Which leads to step three…

Step Three: Gaining New Talents And Skills 

New talents and skills are the things that help you develop as a human being. 

Maybe you are pretty good at taking photos or writing, but you're not so good with people right now. Maybe you're not so good with sales, organization or accounting. 

The point is that we should all be trying to add to our talents and skills daily. If you've got two talents, go make four. If you’ve got five, go make it ten. Adding to your talents leads you to…

Step Four: Relationships

All business is, is relationships. 

Often when you are trying to gain new talent, there's usually a class, meetup group, networking event, or association around that subject. This means that other people are there who are trying to do the exact same thing and that helps form new relationships. 

Step Five: Credibility 

It takes seven exposures before someone is ready or willing to do business with you. If you keep showing up to that networking event, someone gets to know, like, and trust you over time. 

Now you have the ability to go out there and actually ask them to exchange something of value, which is cash. 

Step Six: Cash

Cash is usually the first form of showing that you have some credibility with somebody. 

Think about this, the last time you drank some water – maybe it was in a bottle of bottled water – did you actually look at the label? Probably not. Because that brand has built credibility with you, or if not that brand, that store you bought it from built credibility with you.They leveraged their credibility so that you would be willing to exchange your few dollars for that bottle of water. 

The same process happens when it comes to humans, building your business, and especially when you want resources owned by other people. 

Step Seven: Cash Flow

How can I leverage your cash for an extended period of time, so that we can then together produce a stream of cash? 

By exchanging, you can create piles of cash. When you can use cash over time, you produce streams of cash, which all of us require. For that to happen, we need some stream of income.

You don't need a job, you need a source of income.

Buying and trading, fixing and flipping… it could be dump trucks, houses, cars, clothing, it doesn't really matter. 

What matters is that you develop a system. That system leverages the skill sets and the intellectual property you've put together to produce a steady stream of income so that you and your family can actually have an existence. Now, after you've got your cash flow together, then you're going to be what I like to call significant. 

Step Eight: Significance

I think all of us ask how we can be significant. How can I make a difference in someone else's life? 

And I think for a lot of us, we're spending way too much time making a difference in our boss's life, if you will, as opposed to making a difference on our own. 

Now you might be thinkin… What does all this have to do with getting me the money for my next short term rental?

Well… everything. 

Because understanding the path that you're on allows you to have patience to be able to go through the process. And that's the thing, it's not going to instantaneously show up. However, if you're willing to be patient and go through the process, you have a shot. 

The Tool You To Get The Cash

The tool that I strongly encourage – as it  helps you with all of those steps and literally takes you from desire, time, talent, relationships, so that you can gain credit, credibility, cash, cash flow – is a board game. The whole thing boils down to whether you are willing to go out there and dominate using a tool known as a board game…

A simple board game. 

Now the board game that we often recommend in this particular case is Cashflow. It is a board game created by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and it does a lot of the work for you. Because you get to teach someone how to play a board game. 

Through that instruction, they get to know you, you get to build credit and credibility with them. 

Now, here's the thing, you're not going to just play it once. You're going to play it consistently over time. You're going to maybe have it once, twice, three times a month, so that you are now building a system around attracting individuals who have an inclination towards improving their life financially. If you’re playing, you can then give them an opportunity. 

Remember, you need an idea, and the Cashflow board game has been the number one tool that myself and many others have used to be able to go out there and make that very thing happen. 

So with all that being said, now I've got a question for you.

Given that you just learned about the path to becoming from desire, time, talent, skills, relationships, credit, credibility, cash, cash flow or significance…. Where do you think you are on your journey? 

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