It doesn’t matter if you are going full time in real estate investing, or if you are just starting to dip your toe in the water… The main goal is to make money. 

The more money you make, the better you get – and learning how to manipulate the real estate market to enrich your offers is quite an accomplishment. 

Where do you begin though? As with any new venture, there are countless roads you can take to start playing with real estate and planning your new venture. Naturally, you will need a pool of resources from which you can draw – like cash, attorneys, and possibly even business coaches. 

Let’s just assume that you have all the appropriate resources, and you have done enough research in the market to understand its strengths and weaknesses. If that’s the case, the question still stands… 

Where do you begin?

Here are the two quickest ways you can start to line your pockets, and get off on the right foot:

1. Give A Referral To Someone Who Is Already In The Real Estate Game 

This is quick, easy, and profitable in bulk. Think of it like affiliate marketing – just sending a name, phone number, and email over to someone who already knows how to transact real estate. 

They do all the organizing, legal work, and customer relations. All the hard stuff is completely out of your hands. Since you set them up with a lead, they then pay you a small commission or finder's fee for the business. The fee could be $50, $500, or even $1,000. It usually depends on the kind of relationship you have with the real estate expert, the value of the property, and how hot the market is. 

Nevertheless, this is a good opportunity to start forging relationships with experts, expanding your knowledge, and understanding the pace of the real estate industry. 

2. Facilitate A Wholesale Transaction 

While this is not as easy as giving referrals, wholesale transacting does pay out a lot more. 

This kind of transaction is not as fast because it has a learning curve to it. It takes you time to learn how to put the property under contract. Once you overcome that learning curve, you can start to do transactions in 72 hours or less.

What is A Wholesale Real Estate Transaction?

Here is the basic premise of a wholesale real estate deal: 

You find a distressed piece of property or land and enter in a purchase contract with the seller. The contract would require a small deposit down. 

After the contract is figured out, you (the wholesaler) go to the public to find an interested party to actually buy the property. If an interested party is found, the wholesale contract is reassigned to the buyer at a higher price. The difference between the wholesale price and the new price is the wholesale fee – the money that you, as the wholesaler, would be making off of the deal. 

Wholesaling does not require a real estate license, huge amounts of cash, or a lot of risk. But it does require salesmanship, hard work, networking, and knowing who you can rely on to get deals done.

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