• The Best Cities To Make An Airbnb Investment

The Best Cities to Make an Airbnb Investment

Have you ever wondered how much an Airbnb host can make off of renting a nice one-bedroom apartment in a popular city? What about a two-bedroom? In cities with a high occupancy rate -- think places like New York, where there are always tourists coming in town -- you could make thousands of dollars a month off of one property.

  • mistakes-part-2

Really Costly Real Estate Investing Mistakes I’ve Made: Part II

Last week I started talking about some of the 7 deadly mistakes I’ve made in real estate. After publishing that piece I got a lot of questions, so I figured maybe I’d go further this week in this article. Why not, right?

  • 7-great-big-mistakes

7 Great Big, Really Costly Real Estate Investing Mistakes I’ve Made

I could have given this article the title of “Deals Gone Wild!” But it’s really more like wildly off the tracks for various and different reasons. In fact, 7 times I’ve had deals go belly up, which cost me $1,000,000+ in the long run.

  • 16713-in-7-days

How to Earn $16,713.21 in 7 Days

What if you could earn $16,000 in just 7 days? You can. But it’s not magic. It takes work up front. You can cut your learning curve by following my 10-month journey.

  • My-STR-Life

My STR Life: Looking Back Over the Past 9 Months

Oh, what a life! I am really having fun creating my STR empire. And, boy, have I learned a ton over the past 9 months. It’s hard to wrap my head around sometimes just how fast this has happened, but I have a goal.

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Thank You for Helping Us Hit ONE MILLION Downloads!

Last summer we hit half a million downloads. That was pretty cool. But now I’m here to report an even bigger milestone has been met… Thanks to you, my Cash Flow Diary podcast has surpassed ONE MILLION downloads!