• What Is A Short Term Rental

What is a Short Term Rental?

Would you like to learn how to earn over $2,500 a day? It may sound too good to be true, but if you understand how short-term rentals work, you can potentially earn that much. If you're still skeptical, we're going to show you how.

  • How Many Short Term Rental Properties Can I Have

How Many Short Term Rental Properties Can I Have?

If you've been thinking about ways to turn your assets into cash flow, short-term rental properties might be a profitable solution for you.

  • The Best Cities To Make An Airbnb Investment

The Best Cities to Make an Airbnb Investment

Have you ever wondered how much an Airbnb host can make off of renting a nice one-bedroom apartment in a popular city? What about a two-bedroom? In cities with a high occupancy rate -- think places like New York, where there are always tourists coming in town -- you could make thousands of dollars a month off of one property.

  • mistakes-part-2

Really Costly Real Estate Investing Mistakes I’ve Made: Part II

Last week I started talking about some of the 7 deadly mistakes I’ve made in real estate. After publishing that piece I got a lot of questions, so I figured maybe I’d go further this week in this article. Why not, right?

  • 7-great-big-mistakes

7 Great Big, Really Costly Real Estate Investing Mistakes I’ve Made

I could have given this article the title of “Deals Gone Wild!” But it’s really more like wildly off the tracks for various and different reasons. In fact, 7 times I’ve had deals go belly up, which cost me $1,000,000+ in the long run.

  • 16713-in-7-days

How to Earn $16,713.21 in 7 Days

What if you could earn $16,000 in just 7 days? You can. But it’s not magic. It takes work up front. You can cut your learning curve by following my 10-month journey.