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How To Make Your Short Term Rental Look AMAZING With The Correct Lighting

How do you make sure that you are earning the most amount of money possible with your short term rental? Getting the right lighting in your photos.

Getting your photos right isn’t necessarily a hidden secret, but it is a unique aspect of short-term rentals that should never be overlooked. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes down to advertising and telling your potential customer what it is that you have to offer. So getting it wrong means no money, getting it right can mean even more money than the average property owner. 

When it comes to the lighting in your unit, I have always recommended bulbs which are known as “daylight” lights. 

Ignore the soft white and bright white lights. What you're looking for is “daylight balanced” bulbs. 

You want the apartment to look as natural as possible. If you go with a warmer bulb, your pictures will get progressively more orange – and you don't want that. 

You’ll find that once you’ve been trained to recognize the difference between bulb lighting, you’ll never unsee it. 

The right light creates an emotion and a feeling. You’ve got to get that aspect right because if not, all of your other work would kind of be for nothing. 

If you're using color, the colors shift and change. If you have a lot of whites, or the lighter the colors, they’ll become tainted in orange lighting. 

This may all sound technical and overly crazy, but it’s not. It’s just about getting the right color bulb. 

I want to be very clear – it's not that your pictures won't work if you don't get the right bulbs. It's that you won't be earning as much as much money, and you won't be maximizing your revenue. 

You'll still make some money…

But you could have made more. 

You could have had higher occupancy. You could have had better guests. All of those things are there because it's a reflection of who's going to be attracted to those things.

You are trying to tell a story of what it's like to be in your short-term rental property. Are your bathtubs clean? If you have a warm bulb in the bathroom, your bathtub and walls may look yellowed and dirty. 

And yes – that happens even after your cleaning crew just got done scrubbing the entire place!

The quality of your photos just create a completely different impression. So don't skimp there – ever. 

Get the right light, or even hire someone to take your photos. The better the photos, the more money you’re going to make.

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